Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life Is A Raging Sea

Life is a raging sea. If we try our best to cross it on our own we will "always" fail. In this world people keep trying to cross that water by themselves but will "always" fail. The thing is, heaven is on the other side. We see it and get overwhelmed by the site. We keep trying and trying on our own and no matter what we use or do, we will "always" fail. Although if we ask for God's help, we will "always secede. If we ask for the Lord Jesus Christ, He "will" part the sea for us. And we "will" cross with a STRAIGHT path.

I realized how much that person sounds like me. I tend to try to do the impossible and try to be the first, but end up the last. And when I have lost every hope in doing it, I look to God. "I can't do it on my own because I will 'always' fail". I need your help and guidance. Lead me father.

"If you're an ocean, Then I wanna jump right in, If you're a hand grenade, Then I'll pull the pin, I'll wait right here, all night for you, To let me in and I'll run run run run, Run right back to you, I'll run". Lyrics by The Almost.